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To find out more about each element of Number Stacks and view free video tutorial and game samples, click on the links below.  We also have a list of Number Stacks FAQs that may help if you have any questions about our resources.

There are five different elements to Number Stacks:

  • Number Stacks Resource Kit – everything you need to complete the activities demonstrated in the video tutorials
  • Initial Assessments - Used to check your child's understanding of the Key Skills and to find the appropriate point at which to begin the video tutorials
  • Video Tutorials – 69 videos exploring each key skill and that are watched by the adult and child together as part of a session
  • Fluency Question Generator - Over 850 questions that can be sorted by year group or category to practise previously learnt skills
  • Learning Games - Over 50 hands-on games to help you practise the Key Skills learnt in the video tutorials

We also have an Early Number Sense resource area that contains a video with activity ideas and a selection of games to help younger children develop a real understanding of the value of single-digit numbers.  This area is FREE - no membership is required!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to practise Key maths skills then take a look at our Puzzle Box Challenges.  Solve the maths problems to get the codes and unlock the virtual box as fast as possible!  More information and free samples can be found on the following page: Puzzle Box Challenges

Each activity builds on the last, creating a logical journey through the National Curriculum