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To find out more about each element of Number Stacks and view free video tutorial and game samples, click on the links below.  We also have a list of Number Stacks FAQs that may help if you have any questions about our resources.

There are five different elements to Number Stacks:

  • Number Stacks Resource Kit – everything you need to complete the activities demonstrated in the video tutorials
  • Initial Assessments - Used to check your child's understanding of the Key Skills and to find the appropriate point at which to begin the video tutorials
  • Video Tutorials – 69 videos exploring each key skill and that are watched by the adult and child together as part of a session
  • Fluency Question Generator - Over 850 questions that can be sorted by year group or category to practise previously learnt skills
  • Learning Games - Over 50 hands-on games to help you practise the Key Skills learnt in the video tutorials
  • Puzzle Box Challenges - If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to practise Key maths skills then take a look at our Puzzle Box Challenges

We also have an Early Number Sense resource area that contains a video with activity ideas and a selection of games to help younger children develop a real understanding of the value of single-digit numbers.  This area is FREE - no membership is required!


Each activity builds on the last, creating a logical journey through the National Curriculum