Helping Children Develop Their Understanding of Key Maths Skills

Number Stacks uses a unique combination of stackable place-value counters and video tutorials to enable any adult, regardless of teaching experience, to help children master the foundations of the number system.  For less than the average cost of two private tuition sessions, you can get everything you need to build your child's confidence and ability in the key areas of the primary maths curriculum (age 4 to 11).

Over 60 key skills from the Primary National Curriculum have been separated into 5 different categories and aligned by year group.  Each Key Skill has its own video tutorial designed to be watched by adult and child together.  These videos break down the skills into simple, manageable steps and allow opportunities to practise each step before assessing the child's understanding with a final fluency activity.

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The Number Stacks Resource kit contains everything you need (all contained in an A4 zipped tuff-bag) meaning time isn't wasted finding resources before each session.  This means that adult time is spent where it matters most - working with the child.

Really good resource for quality of material , simplicity and clarity of the videos. I use number stack for both my 5 years old and 11 years old. the 5 years old has picked up concepts really quickly and effortlessly, the 11 years old has used to it to fill up gaps in her understanding of decimals and percentage. Highly recommended.  Alice A 01-08-19

We’ve used many maths resources over the years but number stacks is by far the children’s favourite. The way the program is split into small steps and the hands on system has helped them to understand the lessons and remember what they have learnt. We would recommend wholeheartedly. Caroline T 28-07-19

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'During my 16 years as a primary school teacher, I taught child after child who found maths and the concept of numbers difficult to grasp.  When my own daughter started school, reading and writing came much easier to her than maths so I decided it was time to try and use my knowledge and experience to help all children understand the foundations of number and calculation.  By actually creating and manipulating numbers using the stackable counters, Number Stacks allows children to understand what they are doing rather than just learning an abstract method.’  James Aylott – Former Primary School Headteacher and creator of Number Stacks.

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