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Number Stacks is designed to be purchased in two easy steps.

STEP 1. Choose and Purchase your resource kit (Introduction £10, or Full £25)

STEP 2. Buy your Membership to get access to the tutorials and online resources (12 month £25, or 1 month £10).

NO recurring monthly payments. It’s as easy as that! 

You will then have access to the tutorials and the resource kit will be sent to you.

The Resource Kit and Membership are separate items which need to be bought in two separate transactions.

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Resource Kits:

  • Introduction Resource Kit (£10 + £3 UK P&P): A good way to try out Number Stacks with your child.  This kit contains the equipment you need to play the games and to try some of the activities in the early Number & Place Value and Addition & Subtraction  video tutorials.
  • Full Resource Kit (£25 + £3 UK P&P): This kit contains all the equipment you need to play the games and to complete ALL activities in ALL video tutorials.

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*Please note that in order to keep the price of our Resource Kits low, the counter labels are provided separately and need to be applied by the user.

Resource kits will be dispatched via Royal Mail and should arrive within 5 working days, subject to stock availability - mainland UK onlyIf you would like a Resource Kit sent overseas, please visit our International Sales Page.

Coronavirus Update: We are currently still posting Resource Kits within 2-3 working days of orders being received, often sooner.  Please be mindful though that in light of the current situation, delivery may take a bit longer than usual.

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In order to view the video tutorials and other associated resources, you must have an active Full Membership.  Full Membership costs either £10 for 1 month or £25 for 12 months access to everything within the members area of  This is a one off purchase price with no ongoing commitment.  When your membership expires, it will switch to a Basic Level (which still gives you access to all the games) and you can then decide whether or not to purchase an additional Membership period.

If you are renewing an existing membership, please log in and use the Membership Renewal Offer link at the top of the members page to avoid creating a new account.

Once you purchase a membership, you will be directed to create your account and set your password.

Purchase 1 Month Full Membership (£10):

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Refunds & Returns Policy

Schools: Packages are available for schools requiring multiple Resource Kits and user accounts.  Please contact us directly for an individual quote and to arrange payment via invoice. 

NB. If a single membership is used on multiple devices, this will result in the membership being temporarily suspended until the account is unlocked.