School Case Studies:

The case studies below show some of the impact that Number Stacks has had in some of the many schools around the UK who are using the resources.

Pleasant Street Primary - Liverpool

Tockwith Primary Academy - North Yorkshire

Please take a moment to read some of our user reviews from Facebook and Twitter:

'I must say that we bought a kit for each of my schools in January and it is the first time I have had children begging to do more maths with me! A fabulous intervention! Cracked rounding with a y5 child this week.  Best intervention I have ever used in my ** years of teaching!'  @janandem 28-02-20

'My extremely talented LSA has been delivering the @NumberStacks intervention to three of my Y6 children every morning and I’ve got to say, whilst I’ve not found many bought in interventions I like, this has been superb. It’s benefited all three but absolutely transformed one.  His confidence in maths is through the roof. He’s accessing lessons better, understanding numbers more deeply, he can round ANYTHING and (and I know it’s not all about the test) he’s gone from 4 marks on a Y6 arithmetic to 21. It’s got my seal of approval.'  @MrBoothY6 17-12-19

'We’ve used many maths resources over the years but number stacks is by far the children’s favourite. The way the program is split into small steps and the hands on system has helped them to understand the lessons and remember what they have learnt. We would recommend wholeheartedly.'  Caroline T 28-07-19

'My daughter loves number stacks. She finds it helpful to have manipulatable pieces. The videos are simple to understand. Everything you need is in the pack. Excellent value for money.'  Doona M 30-11-19

'I think the resource pack and online materials and videos are fantastic. I have used the photocopiable games with a range of ages and abilities and all the children have enjoyed and engaged well with the materials. I have used it to improve children's basic numerosity as well as improving and applying times table knowledge. A versatile resource. Thank you! ' Alison B 30-11-19

'We used @NumberStacks tutorial video for the 1st time today and it was very positive! Intended for small group interventions, but ended up using it with the whole class to help introduce hundreths. The class really enjoyed using it and left feeling confident to move on!'  @MissWilkinson33 06-02-2o

'I home educate my 5 and 7 year old, and they both enjoy using numberstacks. I have both the kit and subscription, which I will continue. The videos are clear and concise and have helped my children to grasp concepts so quickly 🙂 thank you!'  Tan D 30-11-19

'I home educate my 6 year old daughter. She is usually reluctant to do her maths work but has found Number Stacks enjoyable. The video lessons are very clear and I find my daughter is quickly grasping concepts that are tailored for school year 3. I have been really impressed with her maths progress. Thank you so much. 10/10'  Nicky B 30-07-19

'We home educate our daughter and her confidence in mathematics is growing because of Numberstacks! We would recommend using both the resource pack and the online membership together.'  Helen N 29-11-19

'Love Number Stacks - we have the whole package and sub and we use it at least twice a week. It’s really helped process numbers for my 6 year old. Would definitely recommend.'  Hayley C 29-07-19

'Really good resource for quality of material , simplicity and clarity of the videos. I use number stack for both my 5 years old and 11 years old. the 5 years old has picked up concepts really quickly and effortlessly, the 11 years old has used to it to fill up gaps in her understanding of decimals and percentage. Highly recommended.'  Alice A 01-08-19

'We love number stacks brought the resources and the subscription. I home educate my 8 year old he’s has autism and anxiety. We have tried many ways to teach maths but maths isn’t my best subject. When I brought the subscription to numbers stacks and watched a couple of the videos It was so easy to understand for me so I could teach my son. We did the test first to see what level JJ was and it said he was on level 4 and the question he got stuck on was rounding off the number to the nearest 100. We watched the video then JJ had a go and he completely understood. Thankyou for this easy to understand maths resources.'  Cecelia H 28-07-19

'The videos are clear and easy to understand. The resources in the pack are good quality and will last. My child loves the games and has no idea he is learning and practising his maths skills. As it is very visual it is easy for children to understand what numerals represent. Parents can easily support their children with this resource with no prior knowledge.'  Jo W 03-06-19

'What brilliant service I went into the UK not international made my order and they sorted my discount and shipping in half an hour of making order. This was done with personal response. Well done Number Stacks.'  Jody M 01-09-19

'Just started using this with my 7 year old who has Down syndrome, it’s been brilliant so far and explains maths in a way that’s very easy to understand.'  Ruth W 20-08-19

'Superb concrete, visual and kinaesthetic resource to support numeracy. The supporting resources are fantastic. A fantastic resource and an affordable price.'  Sarah S 18-04-19

'I have been using number stacks with my 8 year old daughter for the last few weeks. We do about 3 sessions a week, sometimes a full tutorial plus tasks sometimes we break a tutorial down over 2 sessions. Or we just watch the first day and then the next day we watch & practise the skill. My daughter tends to panic if she thinks something is going to be hard so we are taking it slowly but we are really enjoying it so far. As a home educating mum I love not having to worry about prepping ahead. I also love that all the manipulatives & kit are in the one wallet! My daughter likes the predictability of the videos & kit. I’m looking forward to watching her confidence continue to grow as we progress through the course.'  Kay L 28-07-19

'My daughter is not at all keen on maths, but actually looks forward to using her Number Stacks.'  Paula M 28-07-19

'Really clear, easy to understand videos for both the child and parent. I would highly recommend this resource as it is a very visual way to understand maths principles in a fun way. This is a great way for me to support my sons learning at home.'  Joanna M 04-05-19