Early Number Sense

Understanding the value that different numbers represent is a vital skill - and one that is all too often passed over when children first learn to count.  The video below will give you some ideas for activities to develop Early Number Sense with your child to help prepare them for school.  You can create your own set of cards and counters for free using our 'DIY Resource Kit' files or we have an 'Introduction Resource Kit' that can be ordered via our ‘Buy & Subscribe’‘Buy & Subscribe’ page.

Click here to download the '1 more / 1 less' dice used in the video

Use the links below to download and print our Early Number Sense games:

Four-in-a-Row Recognising Single Digit Numbers

Race To Space - Comparing single digit numbers

Missing Mystery - Ordering single digit numbers

Higher or Lower - One more & One less

Introduction Resource Kit:

Our Introduction Resource Kit contains all the equipment you need for the activities shown in the video: 20 red 'ones' counters, 20 yellow 'tens' counters, 1 pack of digit cards, 3 tens frames, Stack Checker, 2 ten-sided dice and small counters to play the games all stored in a durable A5 tuff bag.