DIY Resource Kit

Obviously we recommend using our Number Stacks resource kits with their durable, tactile and stackable place-value counters to accompany our video tutorials.  However, if you are unable to purchase a resource kit for any reason (e.g. you live outside of the UK) then you can use the PDF files below to print and make enough elements to have a go at the activities in our video tutorials.

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The Place-Value Counters can be cut out and mounted onto card (the thicker the better).

Number Stacks Place-Value Counters PDF

Our Number Stacks Digit Cards and Header Cards can be cut out and also mounted on card or better still, laminated if you have access to a laminator to keep them in good condition.

Number Stack Digit Cards & Header Cards PDF

The Tens-Frames and Bar-Models would also benefit from being laminated so that you can write on them but an alternative suggestion would be to pop them inside a plastic document-wallet so that you can write on them as many times as you like with any dry-wipe pen.  The templates are aligned so that they can be printed as a double-sided document.

Tens Frames & Bar Models PDF

Finally, to save wasting paper, below is a template for an A4 Whiteboard which you can (once again) either laminate or put inside a plastic document-wallet to make it re-usable.

A4 Whiteboard