Puzzle Box Challenges

Our new Puzzle Box Challenges are a great way to revise Key Skills at the end of the year or to use during the year to revisit concepts that have been learnt previously.  Answer the maths problems to discover the codes, then unlock the padlocks to open the box and collect your reward!

Click on the image above to open our FREE online puzzle box

Our FREE online Puzzle box can be set with the correct codes then displayed on a laptop, tablet or big screen for individual children, groups or even whole classes to see how quickly they can open the box.

Puzzle Box Challenge Cards

Our Challenge Cards are available for anyone with a full Number Stacks membership to download.  Each year group contains 10 sets of challenges (A to J) with each set consisting of 4 different challenge cards that each generate a 4-digit padlock code when answered correctly. There is also a free sample set of challenges (1 set per year group) which is available to everyone, including those on free-trials.

Click Here For Our Puzzle Box Challenges - Free Samples