Resource Kit

Our Number Stacks Resource Kits contain the equipment you need to carry out the activities in the video tutorials, including the Number Stacks stackable counters.  All resources come in a zipped 'tuff bag' meaning that you won't have to waste any time finding things before your sessions.

There are two types of resource kit available to purchase:

  • Full Resource Kit (£30+VAT): This kit contains everything you need to play the games and to complete ALL activities in ALL video tutorials.

  • Introductory Resource Kit (£15+VAT): A good way to try out Number Stacks with your child.  This kit contains the equipment you need to play the games and to try some of the activities in the early Number & Place Value and Addition & Subtraction  video tutorials.

Click here to view and compare the contents of each resource kit

Resource Kits can be purchased online via our Buy & Subscribe page in the main menu.

*Please note that in order to keep the price of our Resource Kits low, the counter labels are provided separately and need to be applied by the user.

DIY Resource Kit:

If for any reason you are unable to purchase a Resource Kit (for example you live outside of the UK), we have made files and templates available so you can make a DIY Resource Kit consisting of counters, cards and tens-frames.  Obviously we highly recommend using our ready-made kits with our stackable place-value counters but this is a good alternative for those who are unable to but still want to try out our tutorials.


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