Learning Games

As a Number Stacks member, you will have access to the Games pages in the members area where there are over 50 game ideas that will improve your child's confidence in working with numbers up to 20 and beyond.  These skills are the foundations of many other mathematical concepts and so speed and accuracy are essential for your child to be able to progress smoothly through the national curriculum.

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All games are designed to be played by an adult and child together and are not 'online' games for the child to play alone.  This also encourages children to talk about the maths involved and allows for mistakes to be spotted and addressed while they are playing.

Many of the games are explained through short videos that demonstrate the skills involved (using your Number Stacks starter kit) and explain the rules of the game.  Games with videos can be played using the equipment included in the Resource Kits, whilst other games require a PDF to be printed and used alongside this equipment.  See below for a sample game video and PDF game.

Mouse Maze: Identify 1 or 10 more or less than a given number

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