User Guide

The information below gives an overview of how to use your Number Stacks resources.  For a free, more-detailed 60min training video, visit our TRAINING PAGE

To make sure your child gets the most out of Number Stacks, it is recommended that you use the resources in the following way. This will ensure that all gaps in understanding are addressed so that your child will be ready to learn new concepts when the time comes:

Recommended pathway through Number Stacks resources

Starting with Number & Place value, work through the Initial Assessment questions with your child. Don't give them any help and don't correct them if they get a question wrong. Stop at the point where they get a pair of questions wrong or when they reach the skills that are beyond their current school year.

If your child struggled with any of the questions on the Initial Assessment, use this as your starting point and work through the video tutorials. There is no expected time for how long this will take and it is better to spend a number of sessions on the same skill rather than rushing through too quickly.

After working through the video tutorials, spend some time playing games linked to the Key Skills you have covered to allow your child to practise and build their confidence before attempting the Initial Assessment again. When they are confident in all Key Skills up to their school year, you can move on to the next category in the following order:

  1. Number & Place Value
  2. Addition & Subtraction
  3. Multiplication & Division
  4. Fractions
  5. Decimals & Percentages